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Pretty. Popular. Potentially Poisonous to Your Pets.

Do you know what dangers may be lurking for your dogs there?

Your back yard is a veritable oasis for you and your dogs. It’s your space for carefree relaxing – an escape for enjoying the outdoors, entertaining with a sense of pride, and a place to gather with friends and their dogs.

But in your efforts to plant just the right perennial – or a particularly vibrant ground cover – did you ever think about its potential harmful effects on your four-legged  family members?

Have you looked carefully at which of those back yard elements might one day send your precious pets to the veterinary critical care unit?

Here’s What We Do

Making a Lasting Impact

We’ll take the time to evaluate the area for your dogs’ play space, activities and daily routine. These are key elements for a dog friend landscape for your unique situation.

Then, after careful consultation with you about the best options for a dog friendly landscaping design, we go about overseeing the transformation

This will be done by landscaping professionals we know and trust, skilled at placing each plant, ground cover or decorative annual flowerbed in just the place called for in our custom plan — just for your property.

We Are DogFriendly

Creating a Landscape Space that is:

Functional, Practical, Beautiful, Easily Maintained & Safe for Your Dog

You’ll love the specially designed space we create, utilizing safe plants and eliminating other possible sources of danger, such as cocoa mulch, which could be very damaging to dogs.

We’ll also put in shrubbery and other horticultural elements to make your chosen space look like a cover spread in House Beautiful.

And all of it easily maintained — so the time you spend in it can be more devoted to playtime with your pets, rather than back-breaking weeding and upkeep.

Need a Custom Quote?

That’s why we’re here.

We want what you want — to make sure your dog has the best and safest place to play.

All these goals can be accomplished while, at the same time, increasing your property’s value,

So if you ever decide to sell, your dog friendly landscape elements will create a “Wow!” reaction from potential buyers.

NOTE: Our professional consultation services are not for everyone. We are licensed Landscape Architects, not the employees at your local garden center or yard maintenance personnel.

BUT: If you only want the very best in thoughtful, thorough landscape design that is dog friendly, give us a call, drop us a note or simply click here to fill in a short form.

We look forward to working with you to design the best space possible for you and your faithful friends.

Rates available upon request.

If you’re in the North Carolina Area

Call us at (919) 782-6848

Or contact us via email: william@dogfriendlylandscapes.com

William E Warner ASLA, PLLC is a Registered Landscape Architect firm with the state of North Carolina